How to install jupyter notebook with python 3 in ubuntu?

In this article, we will share with you how to install Jupyter notebook with python 3 in ubuntu and how to run it and write the first python 3 examples in Jupyter notebook. Jupyter notebook is a most famous wen base editor for running your python code example. it is very easy to use for every python beginner developer.

Here I will install Jupyter notebook with python 3. so, you first should install python 3 in your ubuntu system. how to install python 3 in your ubuntu system? just click on the below link and you can be done it.

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Now, we will install the Jupyter notebook. just follow the below step.

Step - 1 Install IPython shell

First, we need to install IPython shell help of run the following command in your terminal.

sudo apt install ipython3

Step - 2 Install Jupyter

Now, we install Jupyter in our ubuntu system help of the following command in terminal.

pip3 install jupyter

After done this Jupyter installation process then we should add the execution path.

export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin/

Step - 3 Run Jupyter

Now, all process is done and now we run the Jupyter notebook and how to write first python simple code and how to run it in Jupyter notebook. just run the following command on your project root directory.

jupyter notebook

After hitting this command in terminal then your Jupyter notebook by default open http://localhost:8888 port.

Look, how to look like the Jupyter notebook landing page and how to create the first python program with python 3? just see the following screenshot.

After click on the python 3 then open a new window and it looks like this. then you can able to write any Python code and it will be executed by hit Shift + Enter

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