How to make laravel auth help of laravel-ui package

You might have descried after installing a fresh Laravel 7 application that the composition:auth command no longer subsists. We’ve received lots of messages and emails about this very issue, so I cerebrated I’d inscribe up an expeditious tutorial on engendering auth scaffolding in Laravel 7.

First off, you can find everything you require to ken in the Laravel 7 Authentication documentation. If you operate an expeditious walkthrough, here goes nothing.

Laravel UI

Laravel UI is an incipient first-party package that extracts the UI portion of a Laravel project into a separate laravel/ui package. The separate package enables the Laravel team to iterate on the UI package discretely from the main Laravel codebase.

You can install the laravel/ui package via composer:

composer require laravel/ui

Once you’ve installed laravel/ui you have a couple of commands available to generate UI code, including authorization.

If you intend to use Vue, React, or Bootstrap, the UI package provides the following command:

php artisan ui --help

Here are a few examples:

php artisan ui vue
php artisan ui react

If you want to generate the auth scaffolding at the same time:

php artisan ui vue --auth
php artisan ui react --auth

The ui:auth Command

Besides the new ui command, the laravel/ui package comes with another command for generating the auth scaffolding:

php artisan ui:auth

If you run the ui:auth command, it will generate the auth routes, a HomeController, auth views, and a app.blade.php layout file.

You can also generate the views only with:

php artisan ui:auth --views

The other cool thing here is that the console command will prompt you to confirm overwriting auth files if you’ve already run the command before.