How to set default application to open files in FileZilla

FileZilla is a open-source multi-platform FTP client . It provides to connect network between server and computer using FTP/SFTP connection. With FileZilla client you can also directly change remote server's file from local file editor and make changes.

By default FileZilla opens all files in default system editor, like geddit in Ubuntu. You may be not comfort with these system editors as much as like your favourite editor.

In this article, we will go through on how to change editors opens file in FilZilla in Ubuntu. Suppose I want to change default editor to Sublime Text.

Here is how to change the default editor:

First go to the Edit menu and select Settings option.

Now scroll down to menu and select File Editing option. In the right panel, select Use Custom Editor option. In the input box, input the your editor's file path.

Suppose you want to use Sublime Text as default file editor, then input /usr/bin/subl.

If you installed sublime-text via snap on Ubuntu 18.04 you can use


In a windows program files are stored in C drive. By default Sublime Text is stored at "C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe"

You can also browse the files and look for your editor's executive file.

If you want to open specific file in specific editor, Then in File editing menu select Filetype associations option. And in the text area, type editor path for filetype.

This way you can choose the program for specific type of file.