How to start applications automatically on login in Ubuntu

Many of us need to open certain application while working on computer. Applications like File Manager, Web browser text editor are the common application that anyone needed everytime while working on computer.

If you are using these appications daily basis, then why not make some cool tricks such as open these appications everytime when you logged in. These will save your little time and also make it cool. But how can you do this?

In your Ubuntu system with little knowledge, you can do any of this easily. You can set which applications should be started at login while default startup applications configured on the system. You can do this with Startup Application software which comes preinstalled in Ubuntu.

Startup applications

Click on menu and search for Startup Application.

Now open Startup application. You can see some default applictions are in the list.

Add applications to startup application

To add application on startup list, click on Add button. This will open popup window with bellow input.

Name field will display the name in Startup Appication. Description field is for details. The Command field is the command that will be executed for startup. You have to get figure out which command opens that particular application. For example, Google chrome browser open with command google-chrome,so I have set it that command.

The other way to find application command is to click the Browse... button and select a command file which are located in the /usr/bin folder. Go to the direcotory /usr/bin and set the path for it. For example, /usr/bin/nautilus will open File manager so put this directory path in command line.

That's it, after the restart, that appications will automatically open.

Remove applications from startup application

If you no longer want to open application on startup, you can also remove from startup. To remove application from startup, first select the appliction and click on Remove button. This will remove it from the next startup.

There are also some hidden programms which are autostart. To check which programms are running at startup, open a terminal and use the following command:

sudo sed -i 's/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g' /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop

Now once again also open Startup Application. You will also see services which are running in background.