JavaScript vs jQuery | What is the main differences

When new developer starts learning in Web development, the first thing they want to know is which is best to learn for web development between Javascript and jQuery. With more and more learning, they become curious to know about Javascript and jQuery.

The most common point is both are used for the same purpose, then why need to do seperate concept? and which is best suitable language for web development. These are the main questions of the most newcomers in web development.

In this article, we will discuss on main differences between Javascript and JQuery. We will also discuss on which one should you use. To differentiate between them, first let's see what is Javascript and Jquery?

What is Javascript?

Javascript is dynamic scripting programming language used to add dynamic effects in the webpages. It is the one of the core technology language used in website along with HTML and CSS.

It is most commonly used in creating dynamic effects like, moving objects, flashing or changing elements. Javascript is supported by all major web browsers    and mostly installed Javaascript engine in all browsers. That's why Javascript is mostly used as client-side language. But today it is also used for server-side using Ajax technology.

So, we have discuss on what is Javascript, now let's move on what is jQuery.

What is JQuery?

Most of the new developers still don't know that jQuery is not programming language. jQuery is a Javascript library, which includes simple javascript code.

In fact, JQuery is the short code of Javascript, which has optimized for better performance using Javascript functions. JQuery is most popular framework used for web development due to easiness and fast handling data.

To write the JQuery code, first you need to include JQuery library file. You can also use JQuery CDN file instead.

<script src=""></script>

One thing should be noted that JQuery is the Javascript library, so all JQuery code is Javascript code, but not all Javascript code doesn't include in JQuery.

Difference between Javascript and JQuery

So we have discussed about what is Javascript and JQuery. Now let's discuss on main point: What is the main differences between Javascript? Here is the bellow:

1. Language type

Javascript is the independent programming language written in C, while JQuery is Javascript library for DOM manipulation. It is based on Javascript.

2. Simplicity in Code

JQuery is Write Less, Do More type Javascript library. Dom selection, many actions like animate, fade requires less code in JQuery, while Javascript need more lines of code for the same effects.

For example, if we want to select all elements with same class, bellow code needs to do in Javascript.


In JQuery you only need to write:


3. Start writing

To add Javascript code, You don't need to include any script file or any CDN. Just create <script> tags in HTML code and start writing. On the other hand, to write JQuery code, you need to inclde JQuery library file. JQuery code also writing between <script> tags.

4. Compatibility

To write the Javascript code, one must need to handle browser compatibilities, while JQuery is multi browser compatible so don't need to take into consideration.

5. Size

Javascript is a language, so it is heavy in size and slow in other than JQuery while JQuery is a library so it is light-weight.

6. Client-Side/Server Side

Javascript is commonly used in client-side, but some Javascript libraries like Node can be used as server side. JQuery is purely used in client side.

7. Reusability

Javascript code is to lenghthy so it can be difficult to maintain reusability while with JQuery with few lines of code it can be maintain and can also be reuse.

Which one you should use?

What web developer needs to do is make a decision on what is the best for their client. Someone first starts web development does need some exposure to both technologies. Just using only JQuery all the time is not recommended and also need to know about JavaScript and how it handles the DOM while using JavaScript all the time slows down projects.

Which is the best JavaScript or JQuery is a still a continous discussion, and the answer is neither is best. They both have their own advantage.In the online applications where JQuery is not the right tool and what the application needed was straight JavaScript development while in most websites JQuery is all that is needed.

In the next article, we will deeply discuss about Javascript and JQuery codes and how to use them for different purpose.