Laravel 8 - How to Upload File in Google Drive

Laravel PHP Engender Folder and Upload file to google drive with access token
In this Laravel PHP tutorial, I will tell you how to upload file on Google drive utilizing Google drive API.

I have already discussed about Authenticate authentication with Google APIs, You can follow this link to get access token after prosperously authentication with Google OAuth2 API.

For this example, I require refresh token for aeonian access to Google APIs because Access token have circumscribed lifetime that signifies you will have to reiterate the OAuth 2.0 consent flow to authenticate utilizer, but If you have refresh token then you can utilize this refresh token to obtain an incipient access token.

At the time of initial sanction request only, Google provide refresh token but to obtain refresh token you will have to designate offline access like this :


You will have to enable Google Drive API with your Google account.

You need to have client_idclient_secret and api_key for this example.

Step 1 : Installation

First I will go with fresh installation by running following command :

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel GoogleDriveDemo

Step 2 : User Table

Now I will create User table to store token after authentication with Google for future access.

When you install fresh Laravel application then you will have migration file for users table by default in following path database/migrations.

Now add a column "access_token" in users migration file to save access token for each user after authentication with Google APIs.

public function up()
        Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

Put above code in users migration file and run following command to create table in your database :

php artisan migrate

 Step 3 : Install Google Client Library

In this step, I will install the Google Client library by using composer, Add following line in your composer.json file :

"require": {
	"google/apiclient": "2.0.*"

Now update your composer by running following command :

composer update

Step 4 : Add Routes

Now we will add some routes for this example :


Route::get('glogin',array('as'=>'glogin','uses'=>'UserController@googleLogin')) ;
Route::post('upload-file',array('as'=>'upload-file','uses'=>'UserController@uploadFileUsingAccessToken')) ;

Step 5 : User Controller

In this UserController, We have two method with constructor. In constructor, I will define the authorized Google client object.

googleLogin() method is used to authenticate user and save access token of that user in a "users" table.

uploadFileUsingAccessToken() method is used to upload file to user's google drive account but before uploading files or creating folder, We will check if access token is expired then generate new one with the help of refresh token.

namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;
use App\User;
class UserController extends Controller
        public $gClient;
        public function __construct(){
            $google_redirect_url = route('glogin');
            $this->gClient = new \Google_Client();
        public function googleLogin(Request $request)  {
            $google_oauthV2 = new \Google_Service_Oauth2($this->gClient);
            if ($request->get('code')){
                $request->session()->put('token', $this->gClient->getAccessToken());
            if ($request->session()->get('token'))
            if ($this->gClient->getAccessToken())
                //For logged in user, get details from google using acces
                dd("Successfully authenticated");
            } else
                //For Guest user, get google login url
                $authUrl = $this->gClient->createAuthUrl();
                return redirect()->to($authUrl);
        public function uploadFileUsingAccessToken(){
            $service = new \Google_Service_Drive($this->gClient);
            if ($this->gClient->isAccessTokenExpired()) {
                // save refresh token to some variable
                $refreshTokenSaved = $this->gClient->getRefreshToken();
                // update access token
                // // pass access token to some variable
                $updatedAccessToken = $this->gClient->getAccessToken();
                // // append refresh token
                $updatedAccessToken['refresh_token'] = $refreshTokenSaved;
                //Set the new acces token
           $fileMetadata = new \Google_Service_Drive_DriveFile(array(
                'name' => 'ExpertPHP',
                'mimeType' => 'application/'));
            $folder = $service->files->create($fileMetadata, array(
                'fields' => 'id'));
            printf("Folder ID: %s\n", $folder->id);
            $file = new \Google_Service_Drive_DriveFile(array(
                            'name' => 'cdrfile.jpg',
                            'parents' => array($folder->id)
            $result = $service->files->create($file, array(
              'data' => file_get_contents(public_path('images/myimage.jpg')),
              'mimeType' => 'application/octet-stream',
              'uploadType' => 'media'
            // get url of uploaded file