Register the app in Azure Portal

Today, I will share with you a helpful tutorial on how to register the app in Azure Portal.

You will create a new Azure AD web application registration using the Azure Active Directory admin center.

  • Open a browser and navigate to the Azure Active Directory admin center. Login using a personal account (aka: Microsoft Account) or Work or School Account.

  • Select Azure Active Directory in the left-hand navigation, then select App registrations under Manage.A screenshot of the App registrations

  • Select New registration. On the Register an application page, set the values as follows.

    • Set Name to PHP Graph Tutorial
    • Set Supported account types to Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts.
    • Under Redirect URI, set the first drop down to Web and set the value to http://localhost:8000/callbackA screenshot of the Register an application page


  • Select Register. On the PHP Graph Tutorial page, copy the value of the Application (client) ID and save it, you will need it in the next step.

A screenshot of the application ID of the new app registration


  • Select Certificates & secrets under Manage. Select the New client secret button. Enter a value in Description and select one of the options for Expires and select Add.

A screenshot of the Add a client secret dialog

  • Copy the client secret value before you leave this page. You will need it in the next step.

A screenshot of the newly added client secret

I hope it will help you.