Android Toolchain Flutter Error

In-app development we deal with the error every day but in this article we are going to solve the Android Toolchain Flutter Error. You can see an error in the below image.

Android Toolchain Flutter Error


How to solve Android Toolchain Flutter Error : 

1 . Using the Command line :

You can either run flutter doctor --android-licenses and it will install the command line tools or if it is giving an error regarding the path of SDK manager then you can install Android Studio and install command line tools directly from there.

2. Using Android Studio:

- Go to SDK Manager > Android SDK > Check on Android SDK Command-Line Tools

- Select the Command line tools (latest) in Android Studio as shown, and press OK:


Android SDK Command-Line Tools


- Accept the License agreement 

- Confirm the Change

Confirm the Change

- Click on Finish

Click Finish

Last, Run the command in the terminal: flutter doctor. Now you can see in the console error is gone. In this simple way, you can solve Android Toolchain Flutter Error.