How to install pip for Python 3 in Ubuntu 20.04

PIP is python package manager that installs and manages Python packages from pypi. Python3 is already installed in Ubuntu 20.04 version. In this article, we will install pip package. So let's start.

FIrst of all, open Terminal and run the below command tp update the Ubuntu repository list.

sudo apt-get update

Now, run the following command to install pip:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

The PIP is now installed in your machine. You can find pip version with below command.

pip3 --version

To view all installed package through PIP, run the command:

pip3 list

To install new package through PIP, run the pip3 install command with package name.

pip3 install package-name

To remove package from Python3, run uninstall command:

pip3 uninstall package-name

To upgrade python package, run the command:

pip3 install --upgrade package-name

For more details about PIP, visit official website. Thank you for giving time to read the article. I hope you liked the article and it will help on your way.